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Sleeping Dogs: Destructoid Takes You Behind the Scenes

15 Mar Posted by in Games | Comments

Destructoid gives you an insider’s perspective into Sleeping Dogs, through the eyes of some of the United Front Games team members heading up the game.

“I think the biggest reason for choosing Hong Kong had to do with Hong Kong cinema,” says Stephen Van Der Mescht, Executive Producer. “At the time, we were watching a lot of Hong Kong action cinema flicks, and we just loved the action, loved the setting. So for us, it just made perfect sense to bring the action, bring an open-world game to somewhere that gamers had never been before.”

Art Director, Hani Ghazaleh, explains: “We wanted to capture a bit of everything, because really, what’s unique about Hong Kong is its diversity; and we wanted to capture that diversity in small things like the tiny alleyways, the cluttered alleyways that feel dingy, foreign and threatening in some ways … layers of signage, pipes and wires, hanging laundry. It’s a bit overwhelming in the beginning, but then you start slowing getting adjusted to what you’re seeing.”

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