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EGTV Presents a Special Show on Sleeping Dogs!

03 Apr Posted by in Games | Comments

Eurogamer goes to Hong Kong for this story on Sleeping Dogs.

In it, Stephen Van Der Mescht, Executive Producer, talks about the action in the game, “When we started this, it was all about the Hong Kong cinema action feel, from the melee combat standpoint to shooting, to crowd dodging and running and to driving … we really wanted to create a set of mechanics that combine seamlessly … you could move effortlessly between one and the other and I think that’s what people will take away from this game — just how seamless that is, and how much fun it is!”

He also explains the value in the game’s setting, Hong Kong: “It’s such a beautiful city; it’s so geographically diverse … for an open world game, the central character IS the city. So to have a place that has different areas where you can naturally tailor different types of game play to was very exciting for us.”

Meanwhile, Senior Producer, Jeff O’Connell discusses Sleeping Dogs‘ storyline: “We feel like we’re bringing something different in terms of the city, in terms of the mechanics and in terms of the copy storyline as well. The cop storyline, and being an undercover cop — you see it in so many movies and so many TV shows, but in games it’s not really something that is explored that much.”

Watch the full interview here.