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Sleeping Dogs E3 2012 Stage Demo!

07 Jun Posted by in Games | Comments
Sleeping Dogs E3 2012 Stage Demo!

Sleeping Dogs Producer, Dan Sochan, talks about the game, shows off a new mission to the world and reveals some members of the game’s all-star cast!

On the pacing of the game, Sochan says, “It’s not a game about sitting back … say you get shot in the arm, I’m not going to wait for it to heal. As an action hero, we want the player to constantly be progressing forward. So, you take cover – but only just briefly – then moving forward … you can see him sliding along tabletops, and really taking the fight to your enemies, instead of sitting back and waiting.”

He further explains, “We’ve tried to tell a very gritty, crime drama story, combining that with all the action elements and working with an all-star cast of voice actors as well … Tom Wilkinson, Lucy Liu, Emma Stone, as well as Hong Kong cinema stars, Edison Chen, and all this together really creates a compelling story that drives the player forward.”

And as far as what actually constitutes the game’s story, Sochan explains that on top of all the main story missions, there are also “over 120 different side missions … so there are jobs like collecting money for loan sharks; boosting cars and returning to the chop shop for money; we’ve got dates – meeting some of the lovely ladies of Hong Kong – … gambling dens, street racing, karaoke … ”

Watch the full interview here.