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Benefits and Perks

A Culture of Learning

One of the greatest aspects of United Front Games’ culture is its commitment to ensuring career growth. Our people grow by continuously learning – on the job, during monthly Studio Talks, at industry conferences, through the UFG Mentorship Program and by connecting with others.


Studio Talks

Each month, UFG organizes an in-house Studio Talk, open to the whole studio, hosted by one of its staff members. The purpose of these talks is share knowledge surrounding specific areas within a team, to a broader audience. Some topics include game design, art, audio and the technical aspects of our projects. The Studio Talks are excellent opportunities for individuals to gain big picture knowledge of a game; to learn more about other areas on a team and to exchange cool ideas with peers.


The Mentorship Program

The goal of the mentorship program is to create connections between our people, build knowledge and to foster learning. This program is organized by Human Resources and facilitated by our team of Senior Game Developers, where each individual is extremely passionate about assisting their peers with career development.


Promotion from Within
UFG firmly believes in retaining talent. Thus, whenever a new career opportunity becomes available, we offer the position to qualified existing staff members before presenting it publically.


Temporary Coverage Assignments

There are always opportunities for expanding an individual’s skill set at UFG. When temporary assignments or sabbatical coverage assignments come up, we offer those to staff members who are ready to try new challenges and who are interested in “test driving” a new role.


Benefits and Perks

All full-time staff and their families are provided a comprehensive healthcare package to ensure a protected, healthy and engaged team. This includes medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, coverage for prescription drugs, the Employee Assistance Program and professional services such as massage therapy, chiropractic services, physiotherapy and more.

Other perks include access to the Translink Employer  Pass Program; corporate rates on gym memberships at Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Clubs and at 24/7 Fitness in Yaletown; discounts at various restaurants in Yaletown; a dog-friendly office and monthly in-studio life drawing sessions.