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Building awesome video games is United Front Games’ prime directive. But you know what they say about all work and no play … so to that end, we have created a studio which is upbeat, positive and fun. In this environment, we foster creativity, build strong bonds within and between teams, create friendships and encourage both professional and personal growth.



Out and About

From barbecues at the beach to curling at the community centre, studio-wide events and activities are held throughout the year, just for fun. When Vancouver’s liquid sunshine hits, we head indoors to shoot pool, for movie night (replete with a buffet dinner), go rock climbing or some other non-weather dependent activity. And when the sun is out, we play softball, have a cook out or whatever else strikes our fancy.


Ice Hockey

Whether you have been playing “Canada’s national winter sport” since your pee wee days or whether you are just learning to skate, this recreational group laces up and faces off every two to three weeks. The co-ed games are really about just about having a good time, and they are non-contact. So if you are looking for a place to hip check your co-worker without penalty, this is not it.




Ball Hockey

Not a skater? Join this group instead! Our ball hockey team usually plays at the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre a few times per year. The competition is fun and friendly, and all about getting the heart rate up… but an occasional hat-trick wouldn’t be bad either.





It might be called “soccer” in the rest of North America, but here at UFG, the sport is known as “football”. Played twice per week at a pitch near our offices, the world’s most widely played sport is alive and well at UFG. Open to those of any skill level, the co-ed games are casual, with upwards of two dozen participants. Sometimes, we even have two games going simultaneously – world’s most widely played sport indeed!




It’s the game we learned in the school gym as children, but ramped up about a zillion notches. Season 13 opens in February 2012 and runs until April. Our co-ed team plays on Wednesday nights at various Vancouver School Board Gyms across the city. The competition is friendly, but stiff. Still, there are lots of laughs to be had all around. Case in point: the number one Q on the Vancouver Dodgeball League’s list of FAQ’s is “Does it hurt to be hit with one of the balls?” No pain, no gain!


Potluck Parties

What better way to celebrate the over 30 countries represented at UFG than with food? Every couple of months or so, a lunch time “International Potluck” is held where staff members bring a dish to share. You’d be surprised what a terrific conversation starter the words, “Wwwhhhaaattt iiissss that?!?!” can be.