We are completely unencumbered by bureaucracy and politics. Our size allows us to be nimble, to iterate quickly and work with our publishing partners in the most efficient manner possible.

We have a proven track record of running successful video game development teams that produced quality titles, on time, within budget, every time. Sure we develop great games but the process by which we create those games is what matters most to us. We provide a co-operative and inclusive atmosphere. This approach enables employees to balance project demands with commitments to family, friends and other priorities unrelated to work. We have built a reputation as a respected developer and people competitively seek to work at UFG because we respect, appreciate and value each other.

Our accomplished game aficionados bring diverse perspectives to the studio, having worked or studied in 34 countries on 6 different continents. Collectively we have amassed 1500 years of direct game development experience while working at 26 different game developers and publishers.

A healthy working environment where talented people can funnel their energy into creating AAA games while having an awesome time.

To create a unique game development environment where:
We harness the experience and enviable track record of ALL employees
We are highly competent and specialized
We have a consuming passion about the games we create

We do what we say
We empower entrepreneurial people who shape their own destiny
We give the games the time they need in order to be great
We are building on our long term strategic partnerships with our publishers
We manage our team sizes to be focused and smaller in order to get more done with less
We take pride in our culture
We focus on making just a couple of games at a time
We are serious about games, and we are serious about fun