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Game Chronicles


I can't fault ModNation Racers for the nearly perfect package that it is, and for that reason I feel safe in proclaiming Sony's masterpiece the best kart-racing title in the history of gaming. Period.

Computer and Video Games


[M]anages to deliver all the fundamentals of a world class karting game as well as throwing in a shed load of brilliant features and the odd innovation here and there.

Play UK


Some of the best edge-of-your-seat multiplayer gaming we've had in ages.



It's the best kart-racing game we've played in a very long while, and one of the first that shows its own personality rather than piggybacking off popular characters or aping the kings of the genre – and the excellent customisation features help to make a good thing even better.

Game Informer


We've seen elements of player-created content and online community building in games before, but not yet in a kart racing game like this. Finally, it feels like the genre is evolving.

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