• Lara Croft

    Fight to survive

    Shipwrecked, stranded and pushed to her limits, ingenuity and instincts allow Lara to evade defeat

  • Uncover the island's

    Deadly secret

    Be fearless in the face of extreme danger and prevail against the odds


Game Informer


The biggest draw of Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition is the improved graphics. They're simply stunning in perhaps the best-looking console game I've ever seen. Running smooth 1080p resolution, this new version adds an incredible level of detail to the newly modeled characters and lush environments.



The upstep in visual detail from the older console versions is a nice bonus, but Tomb Raider didn’t need massaging. It’s the same well-realised action reboot for Lara Croft that came as such a pleasant surprise last year.



The exquisite visual design is so breathtaking that I continually found myself staring at the scenery instead of pushing onward. Tomb Raider is a great reinvention of this enduring franchise that made me eager to see where Lara goes in her future.

Try and survive

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