Hops to It

It’s really, really difficult not to love a brewery that’s

  • local
  • makes AWESOMELY TASTY brews, and
  • made this “United Front Braunbier,” and delivered dozens of bottles to our studio!

Steel & Oak’s United Front Braunbier

We know. So cool.

While we would like to fib and tell you that we commissioned Steel & Oak Brewing Company to make a brew just for us, we have to confess that the beer is actually the result of collaboration between Vancouver Island Brewery and Steel & Oak. The United Front Braunbier is a traditional German Kellerbier made with Vienna malts, and they did not last long at our studio.

We first met Steel & Oak — which was established in 2013 — just over a year ago, and we’ve been ordering great big kegs from them ever since. Based in New Westminster, this craft brewery’s concoctions are unfiltered and unpasteurized, and completely delicious. When we asked about their style, they explained it’s a combination of North American, English and German, mixing up techniques and ingredients in the yummiest way possible. (OK they may not have used the word “yummiest,” but you know what we mean.)

Steel & Oak’s Flagship Brews

They offer seasonal favourites such as the Smoked Hefeweizen, created from Beechwood smoked malts, and limited editions such as the rich Märzen — their summer ale — which we have in our studio right now. (By the way, “our” United Front Braunbier was one such limited edition, and it sold out in weeks!) And they also have “flagship” brews such as the Royal City Ale and the Red Pilsner, both of which can often be found at UFG too.

Radlers at Steel & Oak’s Tasting Room


If you visit their brewery (they’re just a 15-minute stroll from New Westminster Skytrain Station), you’ll discover an inviting tasting room which is currently serving seven beers, as well as cider and radler. And if you follow them on social media (you know you want to; we have) you’ll receive tips such as “4 bottles + 8 taps + 1 cask of Spruce Tip Blonde Ale. Available tonight in our Tasting Room until 10!”

The Stroll to Steel & Oak


Steel & Oak
1319 Third Ave
New Westminster
Tel: 604-540-6495
See website for tasting room hours