Interview: UFG’s Stephen Van Der Mescht and Lee Singleton, Square Enix London

“Essentially, Hong Kong is the star of the show. Like any open-world game, the city is your central character. So for us, Hong Kong was at the root of pretty much all the inspiration for the game,” explains  United Front Games’ Stephen Van Der Mescht, Executive Producer, Sleeping Dogs.

Van Der Mescht continues, “At its core, we wanted to create a classic undercover cop story that comes with all the tension and all the moral dilemma that often the characters find themselves in. They have to go deep under cover, and before you know it they actually start to like and befriend the people they’re actually undercover with, and allegiances get very murky, and it’s a grey morality, and not a world of black and white. That’s the intriguing thing about an undercover cop story.”

Catch Machinima‘s interview with Van Der Mescht and Lee Singleton, General Manager, Square Enix London — with Hong Kong as the backdrop — right here.