Front End Programmer
The ideal candidate should have at least 2 years experience in the game industry working as a programmer, and at least 1 year using ActionScript. The ability to develop and localize content in Adobe Flash for online games will be an asset. This position will be a contract role.

Optimizing the performance of games to support a wide range of hardware
Working with other tools and platforms in game development
Creating and maintaining utilities for use in development
Developing and localizing Flash games using ActionScript and related tools
Working closely with the development, design, and QA teams to meet completion deadlines for each project
Integrating change requests and playtesting feedback

Must have at least 2 years experience in the game industry as a programmer
Experience working with Flash/ActionScript a plus
Proficient in C/C++
Passionate gamer and creative problem solver
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Excellent debugging and optimization skills
3D graphics, assembly, and network programming knowledge a plus

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Track Designer
The ideal candidate will be self-motivated designer with intense creative vision, fresh gameplay ideas and an artistic eye. The position is intended to work closely with the design and world art team to create tracks. This role is responsible for taking ownership of the design tasks from concept to completion.

Brainstorm new track designs with the design team and quickly iterate based on collaborative feedback
Create cohesive tracks based on photo reference, concept art and design documents
Ability to quickly research and understand a particular gameplay universe & to make authentic track designs that feel like a natural extension of that particular theme & universe
Well thought out initial placement of props as engaging gameplay elements after the core track is laid out
Prioritize to meet deadlines - be proactive in communicating and takes iniative to find a resolution to issues

Strong communication and leadership skills
Proficient with 3DS Max and/or other similar tools
Must be able to explain the creative process that went into work and discuss how the concepts contribute to a fun & unique experience
Programming and/or scripting experience is a bonus

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World Artist
The ideal candidate will work within the art team to create 3D environmental models based on reference materials, but still align with the artistic vision and concept of the game. Attention to detail and a solid understanding of art fundamentals including perspective color theory, proportion, and balance are a must.

Working in a team environment developing AAA titles for next gen console.
Creation of high-quality environment assets (Modeling, UV'ing, Texturing) from concept art and/or reference photos.

Keen eye for lighting, detail, structure, and style.
Past experience as an artist working on AAA titles.
Solid understanding of video game art, development practices and game engines.
Deep understanding of 3DS Max and Photoshop
Excellent time management and organizational skills.
Excellent problem-solving skills.
Works well within a team

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