Let the Battle Begin!


After so many months of dev time, our latest game, the Disney Infinity 3.0 Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set is now available. The new play set includes a new Captain America figure (inspired by the upcoming movie, Captain America: Civil War in May 2016), a play set piece and a web code card. We can’t wait for all of you to discover each character’s cool moves – whether that’s the Super Heroes or the Super Villians – and play through story mode, with Ultron and Loki teaming up to steal vibranium from Wakanda.

No doubt the first character you’re going to play is Captain America, so we wanted to give you some insider tips: what’s he capable of? What are his most devastating moves?

When you’re on the offensive, throw Captain America’s shield for getting at those pesky opponents from a distance – say when Hulkbuster takes to the air. And from up close, you can take any opponent on with Cap’s three-hit combo. When it’s fully charged, his shield can also ricochet, hitting multiple enemies with just one throw. (This is especially useful when other opponents are airborne, for example.) Defensively, you can use the shield to block and reflect projectiles back at enemies, such as when Venom decides to throw a car at Mr. Red, White and Blue. And to use Captain America’s Super Move – his ultimate destructive move – just allow the Super Meter to fully charge, then a heli-carrier enters the scene and emits a beam which Captain America deflects, providing a devastating area-of-effect attack, finished off with a shield-dash attack against the enemy in closest proximity to him. Talk about a knock out!

Happy brawling!