I Scream, You Scream…

And you know the rest.

Yaletown definitely does not lack in the frozen treat department: Dairy Queen, Yaletown Gelato, Cold Stone Creamery, Bella Gelateria and other establishments have been in our ‘hood for years. But more have sprung up in recently days, and we’re now even more spoiled for choice! Here are some of the newest; go on and indulge your sweet tooth!

Opened in July 2015, Menchie’s is dotted all over the city, and this location’s set-up is no different, with its self-serve frozen yogurt machines and toppings bar. They’re known for their myriad options: non-fat, low fat, tart, no sugar added (just to name a few), and while we haven’t actually done the math, we’ll bet there are thousands of combos that you could indulge in, including all the add-ins: sprinkles, sauces, and more.



Image: Menchie’s


Nice Vice Creamery, which opened in February 2016, is the city’s first plant-based “ice cream” (they actually call it “vice cream”), which is organic, dairy-free and soy-free. What began as a cute little food truck (affectionately known as the “vice cream van”) is now a proper scoop shop, and is stocked with 12 varieties per day, including four to six seasonal flavours. Made with coconut milk and sweet potato “milk,” their batches are freshly made each day, and feature awesome combinations such as Banoffee Pie with Graham Crackers, Cherry Chocolate and Vanilla Strawberry Swirl.



Images: Nice Vice Creamery

The newest addition to our ‘hood, Mister, opened in June 2016, and looks nothing like a traditional ice cream shop. The “normal” freezers filled with ice cream varieties have been replaced with a row of Kitchen Aid stand mixers, which billow smoke as liquid nitrogen is added to the churning ice cream mixture. While this nitro-ice trend has been around in other cities for years, it seems the craze has finally hit our shores. Try the avocado (sounds weird, but it’s not) and the crème brulée, with its crispy sugary torch-made top. You can’t really go wrong with the combination of creamy and crunchy. Yum!



Image: Mister


Working It Out

What is that phrase about “all work and no play”? We’ve posted about some of our past festivities, but the fun factor around here isn’t limited solely to alcoholic activities. UFG’s involved with other types of fun too, including a wide variety of extra-curriculars available to everyone for getting those heartrates up (in a good way, of course). Here are just a few:

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Annual UFG Family Picnic!


Last Wednesday, the studio took off from work early and headed down to Stanley Park for our annual summer picnic. This family friendly event is a great opportunity for everyone at the studio to take a break from our hectic work schedules, and enjoy the summer weather and the great company of our colleagues.

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Happy Canada D’Eh! (and 4th of July!)


How serendipitous that Canadians and Americans both celebrated the birth of their nations over one long weekend this year. Friday was Canada Day, celebrating the 1867 Constitution Act that created our beautiful Dominion of Canada. And today is Independence Day, a holiday celebrating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, aka the birth of the good ol’ US of A!

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Staying Fit

Building awesome video games is our prime directive; but you know what they say about all work and no play! 😉 To that end, we have created a studio which is upbeat, positive and fun. In this environment, we foster creativity, build strong bonds within teams, create friendships and encourage both professional and personal growth. Wellness is also very important, and we try our best to ensure work-life balance in staff members’ day-to-day routine is a priority. Here are some things we’ve provided over the years for our staff:

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Celebrating Sustainable Commuting

It’s been a busy time for the city’s streets over the last few weeks, with the annual HUB Bike to Work Week (May 30 to June 5) followed by the Commuter Challenge (June 5 to 11), taking place right after. This year was record-breaking for the BTWW with over 11,600 participants registered, and thousands more people on bikes stopping at celebration stations set up across Metro Vancouver. The 75+ stations gave out free snacks, coffee, bike repairs and other goodies throughout the week. Team United Front Games consisted of six participants, and we managed to collectively burn 6,272 calories, save 45 Kg GHGs and place 56th out of 108th in Vancouver for businesses between 26 to 100 employees.

Final stats2

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Hops to It

It’s really, really difficult not to love a brewery that’s

  • local
  • makes AWESOMELY TASTY brews, and
  • made this “United Front Braunbier,” and delivered dozens of bottles to our studio!

Steel & Oak’s United Front Braunbier

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