Vegging Out

Ever heard of Veggie Thursdays? No? Well, since 2013, the Vancouver Farmers Market has been operating the non-profit Yaletown Farmers Market every Thursday (2:00pm to 6:00pm), practically in our backyard! (OK technically we don’t have a yard, we’re in a cool old brick building in YT, but you get the gist.)

The vendors start setting up at about noon, and you can absolutely buy the greenest organic kale, the crispest purple or yellow carrots (if you find ubiquitous orange ho-hum), and the crunchiest rhubarb, but our market is so much more than that. Read on for insiders’ tips, our faves and more!

Welcome and Veggies


Carbo Loading

Rootables Chips – Incredibly fancy and totally delicious potato chips, made in small batches with easily pronounceable ingredients (wink), like the White Truffle variety: just potatoes, canola oil, truffle oil, parsley and salt. We recommend buying two bags at a time. They’re that good.




Easily the most popular vendor: Purebread. Expect long lines. (Sad face.) So if you’re planning on snagging — oh we don’t know — an olive rosemary loaf or some cheddar jalapeno bread, make sure you arrive about 10 minutes before the market opens or head there later in the day, to beat the crowds. But be warned: shopping later is risky because whatever you’re craving could be sold out. For reals.


Sugar Rush

If savoury isn’t your thing, there are tons of options for satisfying the sweet toothed. We recommend Valley Gold Bee Co.Maples Sugar Shack and Frost Bites. Valley Gold Bee Co. offers a wide variety of fragrant and delicious honey (such as blueberry blossom and cranberry blossom), while you’ll find all things maple (syrup, butter, taffy and more) at Maples Sugar Shack. Frost Bites carries bottles and bottles of all-natural cordials, which can be used in cocktails, sodas and as snow cone toppers, to name a few.



On the Move

We aren’t able to talk about all the awesome stuff at our market, so you’ll just have to check it out for yourself. From now until May 26, 2016, they will be at 1200 Mainland, but pretty soon our studio will have to travel a little further afield: on June 2, 2016, the FM is relocating to Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza (649 Cambie Street at Georgia). See you there!

Flowers and Vendors


Yaletown Farmers Market

Thursdays, from May to October, 2:00pm to 6:00pm

1200 Mainland until May 26, 2016

Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza (649 Cambie Street at Georgia) June 2, 2016, onwards


You Spin Me Round

Fun is never in short supply around here. Friday Drinks, as well as our studio parties, have gone from mainstay traditions to institutions! And in addition to staff members socializing with one another over a beer or three, our events are also platforms where our in-house DJs showcase their skills! This was something that was ingrained in the studio culture from EA Blackbox, as some of the founders carried it over when they started up UFG.

DJ Table Frame

Over the years we’ve had a number of employees come through the studio who were also DJs. So many in fact, that we commissioned a custom made DJ table. Local carpenter, Erik More of More Design Vancouver, completed the project for us back in 2009, when we first moved into the two-storey office above the Yaletown Brewing Company (1110 Hamilton Street).

We are very proud of the work Erik did for us; the DJ table is specialized for housing a mixer and turntables that completely encases the equipment, neatly hiding cables and wiring. The components nest into each other, creating a unique form around the gear, as you can see in the picture to the right. And, of course, the custom UFG slip-mats are the proverbial icing on the cake!

DJ Table Frame

May The 4th Be With You!


There’s no shortage of cool stuff on UFG desks: figurines, memorabilia, comic books, you get the picture. And few themes appear more often around here than Star Wars. When The Force Awakens arrived in theaters last year, you bet your butts we all went off to go see it together as a studio. We take our love of the series very seriously. So seriously in fact, that we couldn’t miss the opportunity to wish all of our friends and fans a very happy Star Wars Day! So, to all of our fellow Star Wars nerds, May the Fourth be with you!

Nationalities at UFG

We’re very fortunate that the Lower Mainland is so diverse! In the same way that the city consists of a distinct cross-section of cultures from around the globe, our studio does too. While our headcount is in almost constant flux, swelling to 300 or standing at just over 100 (which is our present size), we are proud that our current roster of staff members represent 24 different countries. Diversity is important to us, and provides a source of creativity, differing perspectives and opinions that also help with innovation, among other things. Check out the breakdown below to see our current cultural mix!



We’ve Got You Surrounded


You may have heard about the huge variety of playable characters (there are 28!) in Disney Infinity 3.0 Marvel Battlegrounds, but what you may not have heard about are the cool arenas. Each of the eight different arenas is equipped with awesome and fun features. There are floors which fall through, objects to be used as weapons, hazards, and so much more. In fact, our take on the arenas is that they are characters in their own right!

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UFG at GDC 2016


Last week was the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, and we had a blast at this annual assembly of professional video game devs! While there’s absolutely a focus on learning, inspiration and networking, we connected with old friends and contacts, went to a bunch of meetings and lectures, and even delivered a session of our very own. There were over 24,000 attendees last year, and attendance was even higher this year; GDC is kind of a big deal!

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Let the Battle Begin!


After so many months of dev time, our latest game, the Disney Infinity 3.0 Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set is now available. The new play set includes a new Captain America figure (inspired by the upcoming movie, Captain America: Civil War in May 2016), a play set piece and a web code card. We can’t wait for all of you to discover each character’s cool moves – whether that’s the Super Heroes or the Super Villians – and play through story mode, with Ultron and Loki teaming up to steal vibranium from Wakanda.

No doubt the first character you’re going to play is Captain America, so we wanted to give you some insider tips: what’s he capable of? What are his most devastating moves?

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