Seven More Sleeps

The Disney Infinity 3.0 Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set is just one week away from launch, and we’ve been happily jet-setting around the planet, visiting with our media friends! Dan Sochan, our Senior Producer on the game, racked up almost 4,000 kilometres last week, showcasing Marvel Battlegrounds in various locales.

This four-player arcade-style brawler features over 25 playable characters. Ryan Rothenberger, Game Director, Disney Infinity explained, “There’s a real mix across the board and that’s why, no matter what style of gameplay you like playing, there’s a character to match that style.”

So there were interviews, hands-on battle sessions (replete with plenty of trash talking) and superfun, boisterous tournaments at every port. UK’s Evening Standard said, “the signature moves in the demo look fantastic.” We’re looking forward to more reviews in days to come.

Marvel Battlegrounds is available for pre-order now, and launches on March 15th.