Smash+Grab Closed Beta Wrap-Up



Firstly, a massive thank-you to everyone who joined in on our Smash+Grab Closed Beta!
We loved seeing Smash+Grab in your hands for the first time.

The Closed Beta was important, because we gained a lot of data from our analytics, and feedback from you, which helped us make decisions around our goals for our Early Access Launch.

Here are just a few examples of what we’ve been busy working on for Launch:

  • Optimizations to reduce load times, reduce disconnections and crashes, and lower our Minimum System Requirements.
  • Leader and Lieutenant gameplay balancing and tuning.
  • Reducing stunlocks in combat.
  • A first pass of a new feature called Crew Commands, which is where you can direct your AI crew to perform a certain action temporarily (Attack, Loot, or Follow).
  • Dozens of new vanity items.
  • New grapple animation variants.
  • A borderless window option for streamers.
  • General bug-fixing and tuning.

We have not yet announced a date for our Early Access Launch, but it will be later this month. Our discount Early Access Launch price will be around $20 USD.
You can wishlist Smash+Grab on Steam now, and stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook pages for more info on our Early Access Launch!


Renee, Community Manager
on behalf of the Smash+Grab team