Staying Fit

Building awesome video games is our prime directive; but you know what they say about all work and no play! 😉 To that end, we have created a studio which is upbeat, positive and fun. In this environment, we foster creativity, build strong bonds within teams, create friendships and encourage both professional and personal growth. Wellness is also very important, and we try our best to ensure work-life balance in staff members’ day-to-day routine is a priority. Here are some things we’ve provided over the years for our staff:


  • Standing desks (apparently so many news articles entitled “Sitting Is the New Smoking” were convincing)
  • We have an in-office treadmill for staff members to use
  • There are healthy snacks on-hand in the lunchroom
  • We have set up corporate rates with Yyoga, Steve Nash Sports Clubs and Metta Rest Spa
  • Every year we participate in the HUB Bike To Work Week and the Commuter Challenge
  • We’ve hosted wellness fairs in the studio where various practitioners come in to provide info on their services
  • We’ve arranged Lunch & Learns on various health topics to educate our employees on nutrition, fitness, etc.
  • We’ve set up various clubs and teams over the years (ice hockey, dodge-ball, skiing and snowboarding, floor hockey and more!)
  • We have a monthly in-studio newsletter that includes health tips and advice
  • We set up an annual in-studio Flu Clinic

Making educated lifestyle choices surrounding physical and mental well being, in addition to diet are instrumental in staying healthy, motivated and engaged. We believe a healthy workforce is a more productive workforce!