Throwback Wednesday (!)

We know it’s not Thursday, but we’re doing the throwback thing anyway! Six years ago today, we launched our very first game, ModNation Racers.


And we introduced the world to Tag. (Awwww.)



We even made him into an ice sculpture at the wrap party! (That’s tequila he’s holding, in case you’re wondering.)


We had a blast making this kart racing game under Sony’s “Play, Create, Share” adage.

ModNation Racers allows players both on- and off-line play; drivers can race their karts on existing tracks; they can create their own characters, tracks and karts; and share all of it with the world via PSN. It’s everything you would expect from a kart racer: drifting, turbo boosts, shields to protect your kart from attack, weapons collection and more. Here’s a handy little pie chart to show how the game is broken down.


Not only does “em-en-are” (our studio-wide nickname for the game) hold a special place in our hearts because it was our first game, but we are also very proud of the tools we created which give anyone the power to create awesomeness. After just a few minutes, players can create new circuits with virtually unlimited features: rickety bridges, hairpin turns, mountain ranges, obstacles, the list goes on.

Players can also create their own Mod character. Check out the blue guy below, who started off with just some eyes. A few minutes later, we even have his backstory: teenage, Minotaur-esque, bucktooth, kart racer in need of a haircut, and donning a very fashion-forward one-shouldered unitard. Don’t mess.

And course crafting a cool kart so players can drive in style is also a must. With just one click, we went from a muscle car to this superfun ice cream truck. With just a few clicks more, we changed up the wheels, the body colour, the hood, and more.

In 2010, ModNation Racers won Most Promising Game, and in 2011 the Innovation Award, both at the Canadian Videogame Awards. Also in 2011, the game topped the 2 million creation mark, and achieved Greatest Hits status with Sony. Tag even had his own magazine cover, PlayStation: The Official Magazine.