We’ve Got You Surrounded

You may have heard about the huge variety of playable characters (there are 28!) in Disney Infinity 3.0 Marvel Battlegrounds, but what you may not have heard about are the cool arenas. Each of the eight different arenas is equipped with awesome and fun features. There are floors which fall through, objects to be used as weapons, hazards, and so much more. In fact, our take on the arenas is that they are characters in their own right!

The Avengers Training Facility is first arena you’ll experience. Here, Maria Hill is your guide, and you’ll learn and perfect your combat abilities. In this arena, the Infinity button activates three energy waves from the center of the room. It’s a disruptor with serious game-changing possibilities, if you’re ready for it.

Ryan Rothenberger, Senior Producer, Disney Infinity said, “Every arena has these traps in them that are activated by pressing a big Infinity button. For instance in the SHIELD Lunar base, there is a big jet engine, you press the button and a huge column of fire shoots out of the jet engine. So if you’re playing as Spider-Man for instance, I can hide in the back, turn on the button, and use my web sling to actually grab someone and yank them towards me and pull them into the fire.”

Meanwhile, Dan Sochan, Senior Producer, United Front Games explains, “Flying becomes a lot more important, potentially, or a character’s speed. Exploration of the arenas as well so it’s not just attack or defend … the green capsules give you health, or the purple capsules fill your special attack meter.”

So whether it’s the giant panther guardians’ laser defense systems in the Wakandan Mines or the flame vents and enemy raider ships in the Middle of Knowhere, it’s not just your opponents you’ll need to bring to their knees, you’ll also have to conquer the environments to win top honors.