Wrap Party Wrap-Up

There is no better way to celebrate successfully completing an awesome game than with an equally awesome party! And did we ever have a fantastic party!

Last Thursday was UFG’s Marvel Battlegrounds Wrap Party at Bar None, and we sent our game off in style. Who wouldn’t love to drink sweet custom themed cocktails and eat delicious canapés surrounded by Marvel themed actors and cosplayers?

We were lucky enough to have the amazing Tarah-Rex Cosplay attend as Black Widow. Iron Man and Captain America were also in attendance, but those two couldn’t seem to get along. Tony and Cap started out the night as friends, moved on to some light ribbing and eventually had to be escorted out after an all-out brawl.



Vancouver’s Chameleon Entertainment put on quite the show, and even Black Widow got into the action as the most dangerous ring-girl you’ve ever seen!

The night was brought back from the brink of civil war thanks to some fabulous DJs from Soundproof, and the best maple bourbon popcorn we’ve ever tasted! And of course, our wrap party wouldn’t be complete without some four-player Marvel Battlegrounds brawling, which was made ever the more fun as the night went on and the libations loosened us up a little!

We love Marvel Battlegrounds and we wanted to give our game the welcome it deserved. Mission success!