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Sleeping Dogs FOR THE WIN!

21 Jan Posted by in Awards, Games | Comments

Thanks to everyone who cast their votes our way at NeoGAF’s Games of the Year 2012 event, where Sleeping Dogs earned “Action Game of the Year!” In addition, Sleeping Dogs won the No. 4 spot overall, for “Game of the Year,” with 566 points, and 17 honourable mentions. “Succeeds where all other open world games fail, by making each of it’s core mechanics as fully realised as those in games where they’re the sole focus. Every aspect of the game benefits because of it. A few rushed/glossed over areas in the narrative, and a slight lack of meaty side content are more than made up for by the great Hong Kong environment, and a hugely likable protagonist in Wei Shen. It all works together to make a whole greater than the sum of it’s parts, giving Sleeping Dogs it’s own unique feel that I absolutely loved,” said Sojgat.